I'm excited to have these students working in my lab:

Rachel Mohr

Rachel Mohr (M.S.)
Started Fall 2016
Email: rcmohr [@]
Project: Sclerochronological oxygen isotope analysis of K-Pg age bivalves from Seymour Island, Antarctica

Kaydee West

Kaydee West (Ph.D)
Started Spring 2017
Email: kjwest1 [a]
Project: Compound specific isotope analysis of organic material from modern and fossil shells

Nick Ellis

Nick Ellis (Undergraduate)
Started in lab Spring 2016
Email: nmellis2 [@]
Project: Sclerochronological carbon and oxygen isotope analysis of Late Cretaceous Baculites

Jensen Brown

Jensen Brown (Undergraduate)
Email: grbrown1996 [@]
Started in lab Spring 2017
Majors: Geology, Anthropology
Minor: Evolutionary Studies
Project: Fossil preparation of ~1 m long inoceramid clam.